Filtering Searches

The filters are available to the left of the search results, beneath the Topic Search. There are five filter tabs, each tab can be expanded by clicking the grey dropdown arrow. Each dropdown contains a number of filters. These filters have numbers beside them which give you an indication of how many results you will see if you were to click on that filter.

Filters can be used both to refine your searches as well as being a separate option, they are a powerful tool that can be used to browse the database as a directory.

A filter will select from all available results, this means that you can filter the whole database or specific results.

Search By Filters

‘Search by’ filters are to be used in conjunction with the text search box. When you have typed a search term in the search box you can further specify what to search within this filter. For example, you could search by Exact Match if you type ‘John Doe’ and only contacts with that exact match will appear.

Audience Location Filters

The second filter available is ‘Audience Location’ this filter allows you to select the location of an audience down to their region. As an example, selecting Limerick, Ireland will display only contacts with an audience in Limerick. Multiple regions can be selected as well as broader categories such as Ireland, Northern Ireland or Great Britain. You can browse these locations through the dropdown arrows to the right of the location name, or you can search for a specific location in the small search box above.

Job Type and Media Type Filters

For this example we will be using the ‘Newspapers’ filter under the ‘Media Type’ tab.

As you can see any selected filters appear as a blue tag above your search results. To remove a selected filter, untick it or click the x on the tag. All filters can be removed by clicking the blue ‘Clear Filters’ button to the right of the tags.

Once filtered the search results display the relevant results, in this example that is all contacts that work for a newspaper.

Contact Type Filters

Filters in the ‘Contact Type’ dropdown are exclusive, this means that they cannot be selected simultaneously. An example of this is the ‘Staff’ and ‘Freelancer’.

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