The Dashboard is the first page you are greeted with when opening MediaHQ. The Newsfeed is the heart of the dashboard. It is updated live and displays news stories, updates to MediaHQ contacts, and much more.

The Newsfeed is sorted into four sections which can be selected from the top. The content in these sections is sorted as follows:

  • News: The front pages of each day’s papers and big updates within the world of the media.
  • PR Tips: A series of links to blogs both from our own site and other credible PR sources.
  • Intelligence Updates: Notes any changes to the information on our database.
  • Media Lists: Keep track of changes made to our pre-made list templates created by our research team.

The Newsfeed and its specific sections can be searched and each result will have a button or link to display more information. Your search can be reset using the red ‘Clear Search’ button.

When a contact is updated you will have the option to add the contact with the updated information to your list.


  • When searching the Newsfeed use short and specific queries.
  •  Make sure to update your contacts from the Newsfeed as this will ensure your press releases are sent to the correct email addresses.

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