Organisation Profiles

An organisation’s profile collects not only their contact details and info but also any related journalists, programs, columns and supplements. The organisation’s profile acts as a hub for all of this and each section has a separate tab on the profile page.

Profile tab

Below the organisation’s profile picture is their most relevant tags, clicking on these tags will allow you to browse other relevant results. Following on from this is the organisation’s public contact details. At the bottom we see two buttons which are the ‘Add to List’ and ‘Contribute to Profile’ buttons.

You can add the organisations main contact point (usually a news desk) to any of your lists with the blue ‘Add to List’ button. You can flag incorrect or missing details in a profile with the orange ‘Contribute to Profile’ button. Simply give a short description of the mistake and our research team will address it.

In the next column there is a short bio of the organisation along with key information on their location, coverage and much more.

The final part of an organisation’s profile is their live Twitter feed. If an organisation’s twitter is linked to MediaHQ you will see their latest tweets. If your twitter account is also linked to MediaHQ, you will be able to interact with these tweets without leaving the MediaHQ platform.

Contacts tab

The contacts tab displays all contacts connected to the organisation, these contacts are displayed much like search results. You can add them to your lists, pitch them, add a note to them, and contribute to their profile in a similar fashion. Clicking on a contact will open their profile.

Above these contacts you can search and filter them by department, name, role, and contact type. An example of using this feature is searching for the “sport” under the search by name option, as shown below

Other tabs

The programs, columns and supplements tabs are displayed in a universal manner. Each display the content, its creator, the days of the week on which it’s released and the ability to add its contact point to a list.

This content can be searched by the same categories of content creator etc. Clicking on the content will open its profile.

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