The News Diary

Navigating the News Diary

The News Diary displays daily events and commemorations, these can range from bank holidays to cultural celebrations. Each of these events are displayed on the calendar which can be sorted by day, week or month. The arrows at the top will sort through your selected time period and the contextual button to the right brings you back to the current time frame.    

Clicking an event will open a short description of it, along with a button to create a release related to the event, the process of which is detailed below.

Creating and Viewing Releases with the News Diary

If you want to connect your story to current events, or build a piece around them from the ground up, the News Diary can be a powerful tool.

To begin, select your desired event and click ‘Create Release’ this will open the release creation page with a few differences. The title and content will be auto filled with the same content as the event’s description which you can then edit. When scheduling the release, the date is automatically set to the date of the event.

Going back to the News Diary, it will display these and other scheduled events on the calendar, they are displayed in red, clicking on them will allow you to edit the scheduled release. 

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