Individual Profiles

An individual’s profile is a collection of  the information that we provide to our users. It displays their profile picture, name, contact details, related tags, a short bio, and their contact point(s) which allow you to pitch and add the contact to a list.

Below the individual’s profile picture is their most relevant tags, clicking on these tags will allow you to browse other relevant results. Following on from this is the individual’s public contact details.

At the bottom you will see two buttons which are the ‘Add Note’ and ‘Contribute to Profile’ buttons.

Adding a note to a contact is useful as a reminder of small details. These notes are private to you. You can flag incorrect or missing details in a profile with the orange ‘Contribute to Profile’ button. Simply give a short description of the mistake and our research team will address it.

Notes are useful for adding any extra bits of info to a contact, more about notes can be found here

In the next column there is a short bio followed by the individual’s contact points. The contact point contains the individual’s title along with the organisation they work for (if applicable). You can preview the contact point, add them to a list, or pitch the contact individually using the three buttons beside each point.

The final part of an individual’s profile is their live Twitter feed. If an individual’s twitter is linked to MediaHQ you will see their latest tweets. If your twitter account is also linked to MediaHQ you will be able to interact with these tweets, without leaving the MediaHQ platform.

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