Using your Search Results

Once you have found the result/set of results you are looking for there are a number of ways you can manipulate and view them.

Contact Results

Results per page and multiple contacts

Results are displayed 25 per page by default, navigating these pages and changing the amount per page can be done at the bottom of the search page.

Another way of refining your results is by the show/hide multiple contacts toggle at the top of the page. This is a simple feature that allows you to choose to display all contacts for journalists. This feature is available as many journalists have organisation or column specific contact information. This option is toggled on by default.

Selecting multiple contacts

The empty tick boxes beside a contact’s name allows you to select multiple contacts at once. This will then allow you to add them all to a list and is a very useful tool for building said lists.

The very top box allows you to select all of the contacts on one page and when one or more contacts are selected a blue widget will appear, displaying the number of contacts selected and giving you the option to add them to a list.

Viewing profiles and quick actions

Any contact’s profile can be clicked on, this will open the contact’s full profile which is detailed in the profiles section. 

Four quick actions are also available on the right side of the contact, these are preview, add to list, pitch contact and add a note. Most of these features are detailed further in other sections but the preview filter is not. It allows you to get a quick preview of a contacts profile, their contact info and an introductory snippet from their bio.

Other Results

When searching other categories such as organisations, or programmes you can manipulate your results differently.

Viewing profiles

Clicking on a single result will open that result’s profile, these profiles are detailed below and will display relevant information and contact info for the result.

Adding related contacts to a list

Clicking the blue button beside the result will allow you to add all related contacts to a list. This opens a pop-up window allowing you to select the related contacts you want.

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