Downloading and Adding your Own Contacts

Adding your Own Contacts

While MediaHQ provides a wide array of up to date contacts, you may want to add your own contacts to some of your lists.

Adding your own contacts can be done through the ‘My Contacts’ tab. Click the ‘Add a Contact’ button and fill in the relevant details, only those with * marks are required, but feel free to fill in extra details you may have.

If you have a set of contacts these can be imported simultaneously with a CSV file. To import, first click the ‘Import Contacts’ button. Download the CSV template and edit it with your relevant program (excel, etc). Fill in the info you have for your contact(s), not all fields are required but include at least a first and last name and an email address. Delete the example contact and save the file.

Open the MediaHQ window again and click browse, navigate to your saved file and select it. Choose whether you want to add your contact(s) to a list and click import.

Downloading your Own Contacts

If you would like to migrate your contacts you can do so by downloading a copy of your contact’s information. This will download the contact with any notes or information added while the contacts were edited. 

You can download your contacts by clicking the orange ‘Download Contact’ button at the top right of the My Contacts page.

You can only download contacts that you have uploaded to your account.

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