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Although not a prevalent issue, the increasing strength of spam filters means that emails sent from unknown domains will less frequently end up in a contact’s inbox. To counteract this MediaHQ provides you the ability to verify your domain through us, ensuring we have permission to send emails on behalf of your domain and increase the integrity of your emails.

To verify your domain with us click the drop-down arrow beside your username in the top right. From this list select ‘Email Settings’

This page presents instructions on how to verify your domain, which are the records which should be sent to your IT team/Domain manager.

The basic process of verifying your domain is to add the records we provide to your domain’s DNS settings. The exact process of adding these records differs depending on service provider so we can simply instruct you to download the CSV, using the blue ‘Get CSV’ button and send it to your IT team.

Once the records are inputted return to the email settings page and click ‘Verfy Domain’ the verification process can take up to 48 hours and once complete the red x’s should turn to green ticks under the verified column.

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