Frequently Asked Questions

DataBase 6 questions
First Time Subscribers 4 questions
  • Why do I have to sign a contract?

    The contract outlines the terms of service and as a user, you must comply with our terms and conditions. We are also obliged to have all licensed users on file.

  • Can I pay for my subscription monthly?

    No. is a 12 month subscription and payment must be received in full before gaining access to your account.

  • What methods of payment are acceptable?

    We accept debit/credit cards, cheques and bank transfers.

  • I want to subscribe to What next?

    Please contact our sales team on (01) 254 1845. You will be given a demo of the system. Once you have decided on your preferred package, we will send you an invoice and a contract. Once payment and signed contract have been received, your account will be set up and we will arrange further training.

GDPR 3 questions
  • How does MediaHQ store its data?

    All of our data is stored in managed virtual servers over a number of secure locations.

  • Where does MediaHQ get its data?

    The MediaHQ research team collects journalists work email address, work address, telephone number, a photo and a career description. They get this either through their LinkedIn and Twitter page or by reaching out to them directly.

  • How long will you keep my data?

    For GDPR purposes a record of your request will be kept on file for a maximum of two years. This record may include your name and email address .

Media Lists 7 questions
  • Are my lists shared?

    Your lists are only visible to you unless you have a group account, in which case the lists are shared with the other users in your group account.

  • Who can see my personal contacts?

    Your personal contacts are only visible to you in your “My Contacts” section. If you are in a group account, they will be able to see your contacts in your media lists, but will not be able to amend their details.

  • Can I add my own contacts to a list?

    Yes. Go to the My Contacts tab in the menu, where you have the option to add contacts individually or import multiple contacts in one go.

  • How do I use a pre-saved list?

    Simply go to List Hub and select the ‘move to my list’ option. Several lists can also be moved at once.

  • Will my release go to contacts twice if they overlap in my lists?

    No. There is a duplication filter in place, which prevents the same contact from receiving a press release multiple times.

    However, the duplication filter will only kick in if the press release is sent to the same contact at the same time.

  • How do I remove a contact from my mailing list?

    To remove contacts from mailing lists, search for the contact. An orange icon will appear beside their name in the search results. Click on this and you will have the option to remove them from the relevant lists.

  • How do I build my own media list?

    Simply type in a keyword or name, and hit search. The results will appear under various categories. The search filters will allow you to refine your search results by media type or location. Simply tick the relevant filter box, hit ‘update’ and add all the results to a new or existing list, via the individual tab.

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