Creating your First Press Release

To create a press release go to the releases tab and click ‘Create New’, this will open the media release creation page. This page has a robust set of tools for editing your press release and creating a story that will engage journalists.

The first section of the page displays the sender’s name and email which is taken from your profile, here you can also choose between sending a press release (default option) and a social media release.

The second and most important area of this page is of course the title and content. Choosing a good title is important, as this is the first thing a journalist will see in their email. 

Content is central to your stories and as such MediaHQ provides a powerful set of tools for editing the content of your press releases. These tools allow you to change font size, format, add lists and much more. When using the editor be aware that it differs from standard text editors such as Microsoft Word and instead is much closer to many email text editors such as those from Google or Outlook.

As part of the text editor you can automatically add the first name and or surname of the contacts on your selected lists. Simply click the FN (First Name) and/or SN (Surname) buttons on the toolbar to use this feature. This will add short pieces of code that will autofill the first name and/or surname of any contacts that you are emailing.

In the next section you can select from all your available lists, each list you select will add all contacts on it as recipients up to a limit of 300. Details on building and managing these lists can be found here.

Adding photographs and attachments to your email can be done in the next section, these can be added from your device or from the built in photo gallery.

If you would like to preview your story you can fill in your email in the preview section. Once you click send test the system will send you a test email. This is a good way of checking your formatting and initial impression of your story.

The final section allows you to send, save and schedule your release, these functions are detailed as follows:

  • Send Now – This will send the release to all your selected contacts immediately, make sure you are completely happy with your release before sending it as this cannot be undone.
  • Schedule – This feature allows you to schedule your release to be sent at a certain date and time, once scheduled the release can still be edited until sent. To edit the schedule click ‘Schedule’ and then the small calendar icon, select your month, day, and time and click ‘Schedule’ again.
  • Save Draft – This will save a draft of the release which can be edited and sent at a later date, these drafts can be found in the drafts section of the releases.
Warning: Do not send or schedule a release until you are sure it is ready, once the release is sent it cannot be edited or undone.
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