Opt Outs

In line with GDPR compliance we allow any individual to opt out from press releases sent through MediaHQ. An individual can opt out from your account or your organisation as a whole from any press release you send.

To view your opt outs navigate to the Lists tab and click ‘Opt Outs’ in the top right.

This page displays any contact who has opted out, the type of contact they were, the date they opted out, the account/organisation they opted out from, and the press release.

Two actions can be taken on an opted out contact. The first button on the left will open a review of the press release, allowing you to view its details and content.

The second button beside the contact allows you to request to opt the contact back in, this can be used if you believe the contact opted out by mistake. Once you click that button, our research team are automatically alerted and will follow up with this contact.The final decision lies with the contact.

If the contact who opted out is one of your own contacts we cannot request to opt them back in as we do not have their contact details.

Once a contact has opted out from you or your organisation, you will not be able to sent them anything through the MediaHQ system unless the contact chooses to opt back in.

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