Viewing your Releases

The release dashboard provides an overview of your releases, this includes analytics and previously sent releases as well as tabs for drafts and scheduled releases.

The analytics tab displays live data on the performance of your releases. This data shows the percentage rate of deliveries, opens and much more. To find out more about your release analytics click here. Scrolling down past your analytics you will find a list of your sent releases, you can view a release report for each release as well as duplicate that release. Use the search tool at the top to find a specific release.

The Scheduled tab displays all your scheduled releases. Here you can edit, copy and delete them. To reschedule your release, edit it and scroll to the scheduling section.

The Draft tab displays all your unreleased, unscheduled drafts but otherwise behaves like the scheduled tab.

Both the Scheduled and Draft tabs allow you to edit, copy, and delete your releases.

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