Creating your First List

Lists work hand in hand with releases to ensure you can get your content to the right people at the right time. Lists are sorted into categories; National, Regional, Specialist and Other. You can choose your lists category when creating it. You can select what list(s) you want to use when editing your release.

Creating a New List

To create a new list go to the lists tab and click the orange ‘Create New’ button in the top right. Give your list a name and select its type then click save. This will create an empty list that is sorted to its appropriate category. In the section below, we will explain a way to create a list from your search results.

If you have a large amount of lists use the search bar at the top of the lists page to find the list you are looking for.

Adding Contacts to Your List.

The way you build your lists is up to you, you can build lists based on category, type of media, or simply personal preference. To add contacts to a list use the search feature to find a certain contact or set of relevant results. Once you have found your desired contacts you can add them with the first blue button to the right of their profile. You can also add multiple contacts by selecting them from your search results.

Once you have chosen your contacts you will have the option to add them to a list you have previously created (picked from a drop down menu) or to create a brand new list.

When building your lists, keep in mind the relevance of your stories to each contact on that particular list. Try to avoid extremely long lists as this will lead to contacts being spammed with irrelevant content.

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