Profile and Account Settings

When it comes to your account, MediaHQ makes it easy to keep your details up to date. You can easily manage the users of your account and view any contracts you have signed.

To access your settings go to any main page and click the drop-down arrow next to your username in the top right.

Profile Settings

The first page displayed shows your profile settings. From here, you can edit all your profile details and manage the users on your account.

You can edit your display name and company, and the username and email address fields should already be filled in for you. You can also change your password here.

Account Settings

If you are the owner of your MediaHQ account,  the next settings tab you will see is Account Settings. This is only available to your organisation’s primary account holder and allows you to manage user permissions in regard to their ability to view and manage all lists across the organisation. If your organisation has user licenses to spare, the account owner can add new users to your account using the “Add user” button. 

If you would like to purchase additional user licenses, contact [email protected]

The new user’s details can be input and they will receive an email to the address provided inviting them to launch their account.

The account owner can also request to deactivate users.


New users are required to sign a contract confirming they have read and agree with MediaHQ’s terms and conditions. Once the contract is signed they will have access to the full application.

If there are any changes with our terms and conditions you will need to sign an updated contract. All of the contracts you have signed are viewable in the Contracts section of the drop-down menu.

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