Editing and Managing your Lists

You can manage your lists in the lists tab, here your lists are displayed by category. The list’s name and creator is displayed, along with the number of contacts in the list. 

On the right side, the creation date of the list is displayed, along with a coloured status indicator, displaying the GDPR  quality of the list.

On the right side there are a number of actions you can take on the list, they function as follows

  • Use List: Creates a new release with the list pre-selected.
  • Copy: Copies the list with its selected contacts.
  • Delete: Deletes the list.
  • Edit: Opens the list editor.

The list editor:

When editing a list there are a number of tools available. In the top section you can edit the list’s name, category and owner. Below this you can view all the contacts in the list and take a number of actions to edit them;

  • Deactivate Contact: This allows you to temporarily exempt the contact from releases sent to the list. You can also reactivate them by clicking the button again.
  • View Contact: This redirects you to the contacts profile.
  • Replace Contact: This replaces a contact with another, useful for people with multiple contacts.
  • Delete Contact: Removes the contact from the list.

You can also delete multiple contacts by selecting them and then clicking ‘Delete’ from the bulk action dropdown list.

List Notifier

When a contact on one of your lists has been updated by a researcher, for example their role has changed within their organisation, you will receive a notification on any list they appear on. This allows you to have all the information you need to decide whether or not that contact should remain on your list.

You will see a yellow bell icon with a number indicating the amount of contact updates within that list. You can dismiss this icon if you so wish. To view the updates, click the list and look for the bell icons. Click on any icons that appear and you will see a summary of the update to this contact. If the contact appears on more than one list you can sort through them by clicking ‘manage my lists’. View the video below to see more.

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