Searching the Database

You can find the search page by clicking the magnifying icon at the top of the page. This will bring you to our search page. Here you will see a huge database of journalists with multiple search tools to help you narrow these contacts down into lists. There are two main ways to search, by text and by topic. Let’s begin with searching by text.

Searching by text

The search bar is present at the top of the search page, to the right.

Search results are sorted into six sections; Individuals, Organisations, Programmes, Columns, Supplements and Lists. We’ll focus on searching for individuals for this example.

To begin simply fill in a search term in the search bar, the system will predict your results and may provide a specific result based on your query. Click enter, or press the search button to begin the search.

Searching by topic

You can find the topic search in the top left hand corner of the screen. The Topic Search is a guided search. There are about 300 topics to choose from. They are divided into three tiers. Twenty primary topics, 214 secondary topics and 70 third level topics.

You can use the drop down menus to browse topics or use the search bar within the topic search to find one quickly.

Let’s say I want to find fitness journalists. Use the dropdown menu to show all of the topics on the system. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of health. Then find fitness in the subtopics. You will see a number beside each topic to indicate how many results they will give you.

You can further refine the results of this search by typing a search term in the text search box, or you can filter them. For information on filtering and manipulating your results see the related articles.

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